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Bindu Breath leads trauma-informed breathwork
programs that empower you to reach a higher
level of well-being – without judgment.


Feeling Stuck?

Are you feeling stuck in certain areas of your life? We’ve all been there—Facing a disappointment, setback, or tragedy can be devastating. Sometimes, it’s OK to feel not OK—We encourage you to embrace all your emotions. However, if you’re constantly feeling empty and stagnant, you may be languishing. Languishing is the absence of well-being—And it’s the opposite of what we want to be—Flourishing.

TRansform your life

Shift From Languishing to Flourishing

You deserve to feel good. Practicing breathwork techniques can help you take charge of your health AND shift from languishing to flourishing. Our programs can empower you to overcome.

Stress and Anxiety

Chronic Pain

Feeling disengaged or withdrawn

Going through the motions

Low energy and difficulty sleeping

Lacking motivation

Unresolved trauma

Self-care is a Breath Away

We believe breathwork is the secret to helping people master self-care and thrive anywhere. When you change your breath, you do change your life. Our breathing techniques help release bottled-up negative emotions and jumpstart the alignment process. It’s the path to overcoming stress, pain, fear, and trauma and manifesting the life you want. Join us for a breathwork session to start moving closer to flourishing.

FOUNDER – bindu breath

Meet Kyle Hart

I’m here to help you discover your reason for being and find lasting joy. As a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, I have experience working with clients to uncover and mitigate the underlying causes of stress, trauma, and pain. You are unique, and I will honor and respect where you’re at along your wellness journey.

our difference

Why Bindu Breath?

We Understand Trauma

Other breathwork programs may entertain you but never uncover the root causes of your stress, trauma, and pain. Their experiences are much like a rollercoaster ride—A lot of thrill and excitement with little substance or meaning. Unlike them, we understand trauma—And we promise to support you with a safe, caring environment suitable for aligning your mind, body, and spirit.

You Own Your Wellness Journey

Our breathwork programs empower you to master self-attunement and achieve a higher level of well-being. We guide you by imparting our wisdom, but ultimately, we honor and respect the singularity of your wellness journey.

We Have a Greater Vision

We’re establishing a global hub for health and wellness by fostering a supportive healing community and spearheading advancements in personal healthcare. Certified trauma-informed breathwork is the foundation for all positive transformations.

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